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How To Avoid a Broken or Damaged Cell Phone When You Have Young Kids

Do you have broken or damaged cell phones thanks to your kids? As parents, you know the statement, “This is why we can’t have nice things!” This frazzled declaration probably comes out of our mouths way more than we would like to admit. Especially when it comes to our smartphones and mobile devices.

Broken or damaged cell phones can become a recurring problem thanks to the daily beatings they take from our little ones. From shattered or cracked screens, to a swim in the toilet from an accidental drop, our broken or damaged cell phones can leave us feeling like we’ve invested our kids’ college fund in cell phone insurance.


We believe PawdPets are the answer. A PawdPet is a soft, cuddly stuffed animal smartphone case for kids. The PawdPet’s fuzzy tummy includes a magnetic holder to attach your smart device when it’s time to play a game or watch a show. Then, when your child is done playing, each PawdPet has a back pocket to safely store your device when not in use.

By having a soft place where your phone is secured at all times, PawdPets prevent possible damage from passing it back and forth or accidental drops.


Each PawdPet also comes with great features like a built-in shoulder strap. This makes it easier to transport your smartphone or mobile device from place to place, without transferring it from one backpack to another and forgetting where you last placed it.

You can just sling the strap over your shoulder, knowing your smartphone is protected and secure -- and right where it needs to be when you need it the most! No more lost, broken or damaged cell phones because you forgot where you left your device and accidentally crushed it under a pile of toys. 


PawdPets aren’t just for kids. They’re great for adults, too. In my neighborhood, there’s a sweet elderly woman who takes her PawdPet with her whenever babysitting her grandkids. She’s always telling me how excited her grandkids get when she gives them a turn with the PawdPet they call “Hoot.”

Then, when it’s time for Grandma to head home, she tucks her smartphone in Hoot’s back pocket and saves the excitement for their next visit. She also knows that when her grandkids are taking a turn with Hoot, her phone is safely attached and propped up by the PawdPet -- dramatically cutting her risk of heading home with a broken or damaged cell phone.


So save yourself from spending a ton of money on cell phone replacements, screen protectors and elaborate cases. Why not have all of these protective features in one great item? PawdPet is the perfect tool for parents to help prevent broken or damaged cell phones.

Best of all, PawdPets add a charming character and lots of cuddly fun to your child’s experience using a mobile device. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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