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How Many Stuffed Animals Are Too Many?

Is there such a thing as “too many” stuffed animals? As parents, that answer most definitely feels like a resounding “yes”!

As every corner and open space in our homes become covered in plush, cuddly cuteness, we tend to start suffering from stuffed animal overload.

It is often difficult to manage the herd of fluffy friends -- after all, children derive so much joy and comfort from their beloved snuggly pals.

Below are some tips for managing stuffed animal overload, as well as an idea for a cool new phone case for kids.


Sometimes you take a look at the mound of plush toys growing in the corner of your children’s rooms and realize your child hasn’t touched many of them in ages. If this is the case, ask yourself which ones receive the most attention. A safe way to choose which ones stay and which ones go is the “Bed Test”.

The stuffed animals that mean the most to your little ones are usually part of the bedtime routine and are permanently nestled into a cozy place next to them as they sleep. You most likely already know the ones they can’t live without (and they are probably not the ones that were rewarded by the claw machine).


One tried-and-true method for managing the clutter is to keep an “inbox” and an “outbox” for your children’s animals. With this technique, when a new lovie comes in, another goes out. Your little loved ones’ collections still have a purpose and provide comfort, but this is a way to make room for new stuffed animal friends to join the team. Sticking to this method can help alleviate the stress associated with the sheer clutter that can accumulate over time.


Another thing to keep in mind is that sentimental toys should always stay. Even if some animal friends are sealed up and tucked away, your children will love having special mementos from their youth. It is also more likely that a beloved gift from an aunt or a dear friend that moved away is going to be missed. Try to remember that a plush pal does not need to be out and about all the time; bins, boxes, and baskets are perfect for storing stuffed animals out of sight until the next time that they are requested.


As you go about reducing the clutter, you might ask yourself, “Does it serve a purpose?”. Stuffed animal friends are a huge help when it comes to children’s feelings of security. If that plush bunny from Nana is loved enough to stand the test of time, it’s a keeper. You can easily tell the keepers from the wear, tear, and overall love they’ve received over time. 


The wonderful thing about PawdPet is that they are sweet, snuggly toys with a purpose --  a cute phone case for kids. Not only can they be loved and cuddled, but they can also carry and protect your children’s precious devices. They are perfect to snuggle with and watch a movie or bring to bed, but are also great for playing with, while out and about or travelling.

So, is there such a thing as too many stuffed animals? It all depends on your children, sentimentality, and your space and sanity! We hope that these tips will help you to find the right balance. We also hope that you will let PawdPets phone cases for kids find their way into your little ones’ hearts, both as friends-on-the-go and cuddled up in bed.

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